Archives for April 2011

To keep… or not to keep?

I’m really struggling with what to do with our belongings. At first, we were going to store *everything*. Then we decided that we’d get rid of some of the non-important items (dining chairs that we want to replace, bookshelves that’ll just take up room, our TV that we’re looking to replace, etc) and keep things […]

New Zealand

I’m obsessed with the idea of going to NZ for 4-6 months. It’s been on my radar for a number of years but with the plans to go nomad now in place, the thought has turned into a raging lust. It doesn’t help that we watch The Biggest Loser and the contestants just went to […]

Things we won’t miss…

There are plenty of people and things we’ll really miss once we’re on the road. Family members, friends, large dinner parties, game nights, our condo. But on the other hand, there are also many things we will NOT miss. Dealing with the cable company and the electric company. We were out of town for 3 […]

Boxes, everywhere

Joe is a box saver. If it’s something that came in a box – that box is sitting in our basement. Laptop boxes, camera boxes, rice cooker box, crock pot box, keyboard box, dvd box, etc, etc. This is great when it comes time to sell something. We are able to, without exception, sell everything […]

What about cable? Internet?

In one of our many discussions about our upcoming move, the subject of TV and the DVR came up. We currently watch all different types of shows and our DVR is set to record these so we can enjoy them at our leisure, when we’d like to. So naturally we started thinking – what if […]

Books, books, books.

I have a lot of books. I actually donated several hundred to our local library last year because I was drowning in paperbacks. Books were stacked and filling every possible inch of the bookshelves and some simply had to go. At the time, that was fine. I was left with a good number of books […]

And so it begins…

We’re getting ready to announce to our family and friends (just a few people know at this point) of our nomadic plans. The general reaction we’ve received from those we have told has been pretty positive so far. There have been a lot of “you’re so lucky!” comments and really not much in the way […]