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digital nomad forum

While googling Bali the other day, I ran across a new forum (started in March of this year). Being a brand-new forum, there are not many members and the posts I made on the 8th haven’t seen any replies yet, so there is definitely some growing that needs to happen here. That being said, how […]

Different kind of nomad

A business associate of ours told me about some friends of his who are doing something similar to what we’re planning to do — but with a twist. Instead of randomly going here or there and staying wherever, they actually do care-taking of homes/animals while the owners are away… Paul and I, in an ongoing […]


We’re in the process of finishing up a website for a client in Bali. The photos inspired me to do some googling and well, now Bali is top on our list for where to go. In fact, I’m so on board with this idea that I want to cut short our plans to travel around […]… here I come!

Sold our freezer to one of my sisters. With that gone, we moved one of our shelving units to the empty corner on which I’ve stacked some things I’ll be listing on craigslist to sell. Rather than trying to deal with a yard sale right before we leave or selling everything online at once, the […]