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the one constant

… is that yes, we ARE doing this. Regardless of when or in what, we are hitting the road. Hopefully sooner than our original planned date of end of November. Assuming we can get out of our lease *and* we have our rig ready to go. Everything else though? Totally up in the air. In […]

vintage Airstreams

Yeah, that’s not happening for a number of reasons. The top few being… 1. we don’t have time to do the work required to get it up to speed 2. based on reason #1, we are now looking at purchasing one in a few years after we have the $$ saved up to buy one […]

Yeah, we’re radical

And apparently we’re like dandelion fluff – being blown here and there in the field of life. We’ve once again reached a major decision and this time, it’s sticking! I couldn’t sleep the other night and as I tossed and turned, something a family member had told me about came to mind. “If you had […]