Archives for July 2012

debt and the lack thereof

The hubster and I learned the hard way about debt and what happens when unforeseen tragedies hit. As a result, after nearly 21 years of marriage, we’re starting life anew from the beginning once again. Part of this new life is staying 100% debt-free. This means no payments for our rig, no payments for our […]

baking in the desert

You know how when you are baking something in the oven and you get slammed with a blast of hot air right to the face when you open the door? Well, that’s what greets us every time we open the front door to our condo here. A blast of super heated air that starts the […]

setting a departure date

Now that we have our tow rig, we’re trying to sell our trusty minivan. Once that is gone, we can purchase our trailer. After a long discussion with the hubster, we’ve decided that assuming our landlord is amiable, we’re setting August 31 as our departure date. SO EXCITING!! That’s less than 2 months away. Neither […]

to woof or not to woof

To woof or not to woof. That is the question. Or to put it bluntly – do we get a dog or not? I have dog allergies, unfortunately. Some dogs are worse than others but unless they are a poodle, all dogs cause me hives to one extent or another. Those that are really bad […]

kinda freaked out

So I’m a bit freaked out right now (but don’t tell the hubster – he’s somehow got the impression after almost 21 years of marriage that I’m a worry-wart. Noooo clue where he got that idea from but this post is certainly not going to help change his mind). In my perfect little dream world, […]