Archives for September 2012

why we *love* our trailer’s owner

This trailer was meant to be. It’s far better than anything we thought we’d get. It’s a better scenario (number of owners, maintained, etc) than what we expected. And the owner just rocks! We ended up driving 220 miles one-way to view this thing. A really big leap of faith on our part as the […]

our new home!

We have a new home! I’m so excited, I could just die. Or something. Before we get to pix (and these are bad, from the ad, we viewed it after dark so I couldn’t take new ones and we don’t pick it up for another 8-9 days, so new pix will have to wait…) let’s […]

buh-bye Arizona!

All our bags are packed, we’re ready to go Just standing here, outside the door So anxious to leave, not looking back at all… Won’t miss this place now that’s for sure Let’s hit the road, let’s go now, Dear! Already I’m so happy I could bawl! We’re leaving in our trailer Never coming back […]