Archives for October 2012

love our lives!

We are just loving our new lives. So laid back. Peaceful. Enjoyable. Work is easier and gets done faster. The sounds of kids playing, rigs pulling in and out, even the dogs barking here and there – it’s all awesome! Tonight I opened up the built-in table thing in the side of Willy and put […]

the journey begins!

Yesterday, bright and early, we left Scottsdale, AZ with all our possessions and our new home. We didn’t even look back. After months of planning and years of dreaming, we are finally full nomads! Words cannot express the joy both the hubby and I feel as we look forward to our new future wandering here […]

meet “Willy”!

This is Willy – our 1994 Fleetwood Wilderness 26H travel trailer. It’s in great shape for the age and we absolutely love it! Why “Willy”? Well, when we picked it up from the previous owner, he said that they called it Willy. We loved it so we decided to stick with the name. I wanted […]


Less than 12 hours. The excitement is coursing through our veins and we both have one-track minds at this point. Tomorrow we get our trailer! In fact, at 5:30am we’ll be on the road down to south of Tucson to pick it up. Woo! Needless to say, the noise level in our usually quiet condo […]

so much to do!

We pick up our trailer next Monday or Tuesday. On Thursday this week the Yukon goes in to get some final work done, including the installation of a brake controller. Kind of an important thing to have when you’re towing 26 feet behind you! A bit of research has found a nice storage place not […]