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out of Anaheim and on the road

No photos. Sorry. I need to find my camera and start using it. With the new kitten, learning about packing things so when I open cupboards the contents aren’t disgorged all over me, traveling each day, setting up at night and putting it all back the next morning… no time for photo breaks! After leaving […]

true gypsies.. with our gypsy!

In my last post I eluded to the fact that we felt we needed a “gypsy.” Tonight we made that happen. Introducing Romanov Gypsy Blue (aka: “Blue”) our blue mitted with blaze ragdoll kitten! In this photo he is attempting to become one with me, our two bodies melded into one perfect unit of sheer […]

here, there, and still here..

We arrived in Anaheim on October 21 and guess what? We’re still in Anaheim! What can I say except that we both *love* Disneyland. It’s as simple as that. We were supposed to leave here Wednesday of this week but upon discovering that Disney Christmas starts next Monday, we delayed out departure by a week […]