Archives for February 2013

walking the kitty & upgrades

Blue, our Ragdoll kitty, is harness trained and now that we’re on the road again, I’ve been working with him outside. Today was his second trip outdoors here. Prior to this he was outside at my parent’s house where it’s quiet and serene, a far cry from a busy RV park with trucks and trailers […]

a few weeks in Vancouver, WA

So there we were, finally pulling out after being parked since November. Willy was hooked up, the Yukon was loaded, our niece was with us, we were ready to hit the road and start traveling! Only, what’s that? The trailer lights are acting wonky. We have blinkers but no brakes or side markers and most […]

January in Denver

It’s been awhile since I’ve been around to update this thing. So today there will be 2-3 new posts detailing all kinds of things. The last time I posted was right before Christmas. We spent Christmas at the same place we’d been the previous few weeks — my parent’s place. We were hoping for a […]