About this blog

In 1991, a girl married the boy of her dreams. With visions of castles and loads of children, they set off on a life filled with  surprises, twists, and turns. After 20 years, 1 child, and several moves across the country and back, the girl, with the sparkle still in her eyes and a yearning for travel that was all-encompassing, talked her agreeable husband into a life of nomadic wandering. They would sell and give away most of what they owned, pack was left into their van, and hit the road to adventure and the unknown. In August of 2011, they left their home in WA state and headed out on an epic adventure.


van loaded up with all our belongings


handsome husband playing with the bike rack


driving to our new adventure

First stop – a furnished condo in the resort town of Scottsdale, AZ. What was to be a 3-month stay turned into a 14 month layover as they both fell in love with the area. But as the first year was coming to an end, that familiar urge to wander set in again. A novel idea was brought up — travel full-time in a travel trailer. The agreeable husband was immediately on board and in October of 2012, they left for a life of full-time travel.


Arizona scenery


on our way with our travel trailer

They traveled through AZ, CA, OR, WA, NV and eventually, 6 months later, they landed at the top of Texas. Unfortunately for them, right smack dab in the middle of tornado alley. A short 12 days after setting up camp a freak hail storm swept through the area and totaled their trailer. Sadness. What to do now? How about Hawaii!

Plans were made, belongings were once again sold or donated and a journey was made from TX to WA where they would board a flight that would take them to their new home on Kauai.


wide open range in southern Colorado


heading to Hawaii with just 4 large suitcases


Alaska airlines in Seatac airport (Seattle, WA)


welcome to Kauai!

With just 4 large suitcases to their names, they landed on Kauai and headlong into everyday life in Paradise. Surprise: it’s not all beaches, mango smoothies, and sunburns. But it IS awfully close to that!

This blog details what life is like when you live in Hawaii full-time. The main stars are Cherie and her husband Joe with the occasional gecko, rooster, chicken, and (shudder) cockroach tossed in for good measure.

Cast of Characters

Cherie: avid reader, crafter, obsessed with the roosters that wander the island by the gazillions thousands. Cherie is a full-time web and graphic designer (cherie.net) and a budding jewelry-maker (site coming soon).

Joe: computer nerd with a love of the outdoors and an overwhelming passion for the Hawaiian life and islands. Joe is a full-time programmer and web developer (redlimeweb.com | xcarthelp.com) and Apple fanatic (switch to a Mac).


some of the wild chicken population that covers Kauai