flora & fauna of Kauai

Creepy Crawlers & Geckos

The outdoor life here is prolific and varied and it seems I see something new every time I open the door and step out. Here are just a few examples of what is lurking just outside the front (or back) door. We take an hour walk every evening and the snails and frogs are *everywhere*. […]

that’s a lot of palm trees

Yesterday we drove to Kapaa to get a turkey at Safeway. I realized a few days ago that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Ack! When you live in Paradise and there are no real seasonal changes, time gets away from you. How can it be that we’ve already lived here just a few days […]

into each life some rain must fall

Does it rain in Hawaii? You betcha! Case in point – this afternoon the sun vanished behind a bank of clouds, the wind picked up, and then the wall of rain hit. A torrential downpour that soaked the area and left huge puddles, soaked foliage, wet roosters.

An Unexpected Bite

When we first began talking about moving to Hawaii, a topic that never really came up was the shark. Sharks that bite your arms off. Sharks that take chunks out of your legs. Eat you whole sharks. Sharks that come right up close to shore and attack you while you’re padding around in the water, […]

Kauai Life Begins

We’re nearing the end of our 5th month on Kauai and I’m finally just getting this blog up and running. As a result, I’ll be using the a few posts to revisit our first weeks and months here. As much as I wish we could hike, drive, and explore every day and then hang out […]