Creepy Crawlers & Geckos

The outdoor life here is prolific and varied and it seems I see something new every time I open the door and step out.

Here are just a few examples of what is lurking just outside the front (or back) door. We take an hour walk every evening and the snails and frogs are *everywhere*. The frogs are huge and I’ve suffered near heart failure on more than one occasion as I stepped down next to what I thought was a leaf only to have it jump straight up and away. Scares me to death every time. haha.

The geckos are like crickets here. At night when I turn on the back porch light, it’s like an International Meetings of Geckos out there – dozens of them on the porch ceiling, on the walls, windows, chairs – everywhere. For being such little guys, their “bark” is quite loud. I’ll work on getting a video to show the number and hopefully catch a bark or two.

In the meantime, enjoy this little glimpse of our local critters.

keeper of the gate

keeper of the gate (this guy likes to sit above our front door)

the. light. is. mesmerizing.

the. light. is. mesmerizing.

can't. look. away.

can’t. look. away.

elusive garden gecko

elusive garden gecko (this was the only photo I could get in which he was not in motion)

go snail, go!

go snail, go!

look where I've been!

look where I’ve been!

gecko in the light

gecko in the light

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