Are you there? It’s me, Cherie…

It’s been forEVER since I’ve posted. Nearly 2 years. Wow.. where to begin. So much has happened in the 19+ months since I last updated but I’ll try to be brief.

Immediately after I wrote my last post, our son moved to the island. He was 21 at the time and had been homeless, living in a tent in western WA state. Unfortunately, he was also addicted to drugs and alcohol. His journey was nearly 4 years in length culminating in his arrival here and immediate transport into a facility located in Anaholo – UTurn for Christ Kauai. He spent 3 months on the ranch and then an additional 3 months in a 2nd phase home where he got a job and had a bit more freedom. Once his 6 months was finished, he moved in with us and has been here ever since. He’s been sober since December 20th and has a fabulous life ahead of him.

our son, Timothy!

our son, Timothy!

Shortly after he finished with UTurn and moved in with us, he found out that he had testicular cancer and was out of work for nearly a month, recovering from surgery to remove the cancer.

Just a few months later, I ended up in the ER with acute pancreatitis and a gangrenous gallbladder. After 5 days in the hospital and the removal of my gallbladder, I came home and promptly developed a hernia. That required another surgery just before Thanksgiving. 3 more ER visits around Christmas and early January (long story – had to do with no more gallbladder and problems with duct work and such) and then the Influenza, things finally got back on track. Until I left end of February for WA to help care for a sister who was very ill. 8 weeks later I finally arrived back home and we could finally get down to a stretch of nothing else going on but everyday life.

During these busy months, we worked and didn’t spend much time out enjoying the beauty of the island. One day bled into the next until I realized that I was woefully and shamefully behind on my posting.

So that has been our lives over the past almost 2 years. It’s been a busy but awesome time. Our son is here and he’s clean and sober!

Gold Dust day gecko licking palm frond

Gold Dust day gecko licking palm frond

And now that I’ve updated you, if you scroll down through the blog, you’ll notice many extra posts that pre-date our move to Kauai. You might be wondering what those are doing here – I’ll tell you. The hubby and I are actually moving off-island in September. Just 6 short weeks left in Paradise. This is a situation that has us both quite sad (leaving Kauai.. we wanted to live here forever) and at the same time, excited (we have some pretty big plans!).

We will be staying with family in WA state through Christmas at which point our son will leave the island to spend Christmas with us. Then we are heading down to Tucson, AZ where he will find a job and apartment and get plugged in with our old church there (we lived in Tucson twice before – 6 years apart). He can more easily find steady work and affordable housing there then he ever could here. It’s important for a young man of 23 to stand on his own and he’s anxious to do just that. No more living with mom and dad 😉

proud rooster posing in front of Hanalei overlook

proud rooster posing in front of Hanalei overlook

Once he’s settled in, hubby and I are going back to our full-time RV life. We will be buying a 5th wheel and truck and hitting the road to travel our great nation once again. We’re talking about coming back here one day but as we both have a serious case of wanderlust, who knows when or if that will happen. Time will tell.

This blog will remain – I’m sure there are plenty of palm trees and a rooster or two to be had on the road. Instead of being Kauai focused, it will be travel focused and I’ll detail our wanderings as we head here, there, and everywhere in between!

the open road calls our names...

the open road calls our names…

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